Brett Lawrie can get a suspension -- two games if the recent past is any suggestion.

No argument after that nowhere Jays third baseman fired his helmet in disgust and frustation also it caromed from the left of the dish umpire Bill Burns, who had just known as Lawrie on strikes Tuesday evening.

The suspension part is simple -- Jermaine Dye got two games in '09 for the same incident while using the Whitened Sox, though Dye clearly was leaving from umpire Mike DiMuro and the helmet toss went backward. But there remains plenty to quibble about as a direct consequence -- in the player towards the umpire towards the fans to baseball's general institutional method of may be.

In no particular order:

Lawrie: He's a brash, emotional, aggressive player -- so that as a local Canadian the focal point of elevated marketing efforts for any youthful team increasing.

"With Lawrie, we hit mom lode," team leader Paul Beeston stated this past year. And Lawrie hit the umpire this season.

OK, he stated the helmet wasn't targeted in the umpire -- "unlucky bounce," Lawrie known as it throughout his general postgame apology. As lengthy as Mlb thinks him, he eliminates some serious time around the sidelines.

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