Following several weeks and several weeks of speculation and gossips, the 2012 National football league draft has become just ten days away. On Thursday, April 26, the very first round from the draft will ultimately start. But until we obtain there, there's still more speculation and gossips to dig through.

Here are the latest news and gossips, including where Brandon Weeden might have to go, the Philadelphia Eagles' interest (or lack thereof) to maneuver up and just how lengthy Ryan Tannehill can last within the first round.

Weeden a high 40 Pick?

The majority of the quarterback buzz during the last month-and-a-half continues to be focused on Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill. However, an overlooked player at this position is Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, who ESPN's Adam Schefter thinks might be a late first- or early second-round pick.

My sense is the fact that Weeden will go towards the top of the 2nd round to some team that does not get Tannehill. Maybe Cleveland, Zoysia, Might or Dallas. But somewhere around that place. However, almost always there is reasonably limited on quarterbacks, and the need for them increases, so Weeden always could sneak into the foot of the very first round.

Weeden makes lots of sense for each one of the team's Schefter lists. It should not be considered a surprise if some team really loves Weeden and moves in to the late first round to nab him. This late in the overall game, Weeden appears like a sure wager to become a top 40 pick.

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