As soon as National football league fans happen to be awaiting because the last seconds ticked away within the Super Bowl arrives Thursday. It is the draft.

Also It figures to become a grand event, filled with the type of pomp and circumstance the National football league is known for, despite the fact that the glamour picks and where they'll play have lengthy been made the decision. Andrew Luck is going to be working for that repairing Indiana Colts, while Heisman Trophy champion Robert Griffin III is going to be billed with attempting to do what numerous quarterbacks before him couldn't -- win games within the nation's capital.

As the college elite wait to become selected, another waiting game continues. Some 24 current and former people from the Saints are pondering when they will have whatsoever once the year begins a couple of several weeks from now.

Unlike individuals selected within the draft by their new teams, their futures tend to be more uncertain.

Right now they have most likely determined that commissioner Roger Goodell is seriously interested in punishing people -- and punishing them roughly -- if this involves the bounty scandal that also reverberates with the league. Seeing their coach banned in the league for any year was evidence an adequate amount of Goodell's stern intentions.

Is he going to hands lower headgear for gamers who have been doing that which was required of these questions culture they did not create? Is he going to make sure they are sit out games they are driving home the reality that the National football league has zero tolerance for that type of mind hunting that continued in New Orleans?

The reply is most likely yes. It ought to be yes, a minimum of for individuals who positively took part in taking on collections or providing obligations for crippling hits. Goodell has little choice but to become as tough together because he was at suspending coach Sean Payton for that season and indefinitely banning former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

What Goodell needs above all else would be to rapidly place the scandal behind him. It's already removed a few of the excitement within the draft, also it remains a menace to the league if this involves protecting legal cases from former gamers who allege the National football league overlooked risks for their mental and physical safety through the years.

This is exactly why league counsel Shaun Pash expressed frustration a week ago using the players' union, saying it appeared more set on safeguarding the Saints active in the bounty scandal than supporting gamers who might have been hurt through the plan. Pash stated the union was centered on protecting or excusing the conduct of Saints gamers, when it ought to be searching in the safety of individuals who have been specific through the pay-for-discomfort plan.

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