The current suicide of Junior Seau has moved the main focus from the National football league off-season, in the draft, trades and small-camps to matters much more serious.

Facing legal cases from a lot more than 1,500 of their former gamers, who claim the league hid the risks of concussions from their store, the National football league must still consider further steps to improve player safety. The National football league hasn't been popular. However, the way the league handles mind trauma and it is impact on past, present and future gamers, is really a narrative that's not disappearing.

"The problem of mind trauma is really a sustainability threat towards the league," stated Robert Boland, a professor of sports management and also the academic chair for brand new You are able to University's Tisch Center. "It's not only the league's problem, however the NFLPA's problem too. Football captures a lot of our attention, but recently we view sad and tragic being for many of their gamers."

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