The National football league is searching for potential alternative authorities although it works out a deal using the officials' association on the new contract.

The prior contract expired after last season and the other settling session is anticipated later this month, National football league Referees Association executive director Tim Millis states.

“I am surprised at the timing,” Millis stated Thursday from the league memo to the officiating scouting department to start determining possible substitutes. “In 2001, they did something similar to this, however they did not in 2006.”

Millis stated reviews the sides had arrived at an impasse were exaggerated.

“There's no one hang-up,” Millis stated. “It's a part of the procedure. We haven't spoken to anybody relating to this (letter). It isn't an item associated with a CBA discussions.

“We will negotiate in May and June and This summer to achieve a contract. We would like to make it happen the moment we are able to. There's no impasse whatsoever.”

National football league spokesperson Greg Aiello agreed.

“We be prepared to achieve a contract, but should have contingency plans in position,” Aiello stated.

Fox Sports first reported the letter sent through the league to the officiating scouting department.

The NFL's search would target upon the market college authorities and possibly current ones who'd be capable of work professional games. In 2001, the league used alternative authorities for just one preseason game, then your first weekend from the regular season. But following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a brand new deal soon was arrived at that transported through 2005. Another contract was decided on in 2006.

The National football league Referees Association has 121 on-area people as well as signifies the 17 replay authorities and most 100 upon the market authorities. Millis is really a former on-area official and former supervisor of Large 12 authorities.

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