The occasions of May 2, 2012, will not be forgotten within the National football league. A 1-two punch of shocking developments - unrelated at first glance but possibly with ligament beneath - outlined the continuing wrestling match within our love-hate relationship with National football league violence.

Commissioner Roger Goodell clearly is worried using the thought of the league at the minimum. He's been in a security campaign for 3 years, because the National football league conceded openly the very first time that concussions might have lasting effects. That is why he smacked Jonathan Vilma having a one-year suspension Wednesday for his role in “Bounty-gate,” despite the fact that there isn’t any evidence the New Orleans Saints‘ program led to injuries.

As we have all observed in the instances of numerous former gamers, Goodell understands that damage may take years to come to light. Wednesday’s suicide of former North Park linebacker Junior Seau reminded us of Dork Duerson, a upon the market Chicago Bears star who required his existence in similar fashion having a gunshot towards the chest in Feb this past year.

We have no idea why Seau shot themself there, but Duerson accomplished it to depart his brain to science. Scientists discovered exactly the same trauma-caused disease - chronic distressing encephalopathy - present in a lot more than 20 deceased gamers. Duerson’s family members have filed among the numerous concussion-related legal cases from the National football league. Former Atlanta Falcons safety Ray Easterling was a part of another situation before he committed suicide in April.

Three suicides along with a slew of legal cases previously 15 several weeks can’t be overlooked. Yet, that’s what many National football league gamers and fans wish to accomplish. They decry Goodell’s tries to change the overall game through a number of rules and penalties targeted at enhanced safety. They complain the National football league is on the way to becoming flag football or touch football, with everybody in skirts and dresses.

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