The Knicks happen to be thankfully removed in the N.B.A. 2010 nfl playoffs. The Yankees haven't yet arrived at the buying and selling-minor-leaguers-for-Joey-Votto deadline. Football is several weeks away, and Tim Tebow is exercising using the Jets’ punting unit.

The time is right, quite simply, for casual fans to leap around the Rangers’ bandwagon.

There's no problem after some fair-weather fandom. The 18,200 hard-core Rangers fans on the planet, all whom own season tickets and all of whom what food was in Game one of the Eastern Conference finals from the Demons on Monday evening, will grudgingly pay a couple of hundred 1000 temporary recruits to their ranks, supplying they demonstrate some minimal understanding of what's happening around the ice.

This primer, compiled by somebody that spent decades jumping off and on the Philadelphia Flyers’ bandwagon at the end of April (the knee is going to be fine inside a couple of days, thank you for asking), can help you merge among hockey die-hards. Begin by washing your brand-new Marian Gaborik sweater a couple of occasions therefore it looks just like you purchased this year. Then make use of the following factoids to help you through conversations with others who have been glued for their seats once the Rangers were skating around Sweden in October.

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