The NHL pales as compared to the National football league when it comes to national recognition, but professional hockey has one factor professional football wishes it might have again-a franchise located in La.

Both leagues have multiple storied organizations within the New You are able to City metropolitan area that garner major media attention and tv rankings each season, however the Nobleman provide the NHL a little leg on the your government that's the National football league.

At this time, the NHL is near a complete dream Stanley Cup Final between your New You are able to Rangers and La Nobleman.

Here's why.

Because the lockout was lifted in 2005, the NHL has offered its "new game" to fans with tweaked rules that increase scoring chances and goals because, no matter the game, there's an intrinsic attraction to offense.

Fortunately for commissioner Gary Bettman, very gifted playmakers like Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and Patrick Kane burst to the scene during the last seven seasons.

The NHL has non-stop pressed to create Ovechkin and Crosby-gamers with unequalled skill-big names and sponsorship symbols by placing them in prime-time contests as well as in their famous Winter Classic performed on New Year's Day.

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