As noted by Brandon Worley of Protecting Large D, the 2012 Stanley Cup 2010 nfl playoffs have previously equaled the amount of overtime games through two models that people saw last preseason: 20, and we are still in the center of the semifinals. The Blackhawks and Phoenix Coyotes paid for for five of these the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals for four.

Both years were well in front of the pace established in the earlier four playoff years, which averaged 14 overtime games with the semifinals.

Is that this an excessive amount of a positive thing?

Worley miracles if this sounds like a consequence of parity. Plus, a lot of teams play for that charitable organisation point throughout the standard season, it might only have be a part of their strategy now. The Coyotes and Blackhawks, for instance were one of the league leaders with 22 overtime looks within the regular season.

From Protecting Large D:

The Dallas Stars received just five loser points this year and skipped the postseason by six points. The Coyotes (13), Blues (11), Blackhawks (11), Sharks (10) and Nobleman (15) had double-digit overtime or shootout deficits and all sorts of made the postseason. Now, we are seeing a rise in overtime games within the 2010 nfl playoffs.

The question I pose for you: Does the rise in overtime games within the postseason take from the excitement of these an occurrence?

There isn't any doubt that overtime within the Stanley Cup 2010 nfl playoffs remains among the sport's singular joys - the entire unpredictable character from it, the war of attrition, the incredible amounts of fitness and athleticism displayed … you realize, exactly what the shootout is not.

Nevertheless, it felt such as the 4th period throughout the Coyotes/Blackhawks series, instead of overtime. It had not been special instead of "sudden dying," it felt like "last goal wins."

But the overall game 3 triple-OT between your Rangers and Capitals was special, otherwise exactly exemplary hockey. Tense, inspiring with a genuine sense that maybe it's a series-altering event.

So "an excessive amount of a positive thing" might rely on context. Five games consecutively? Certainly an excessive amount of. Overtime in a game title 7 for that Panthers/Demons and Bruins/Capitals? Nothing beats it in sports.

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