Inside a recent Bleacher Report Article, New You are able to Yankees Captain Derek Jeter is really a Renaissance Guy, I authored the apparently re-energized New You are able to Yankee captain is on the right track with an enormous year.

With last night’s 4-5 performance versus the Texas Rangers, Jeter is striking a watch-popping .411 (30 hits in 73 at-bats) by having an Operations of just one.080. Also, he has four home runs and 13 RBI to his credit, together with slugging percentage is .644.

Based on forecasts, Jeter is on pace for 304 hits, with 41 home runs, 132 RBI and 51 doubles this year.

My, how individuals experts who say Jeter’s best days are behind him have become quiet.

My, how CEOs for individuals companies who promise middle-aged males finding their second wind are most likely licking their chops to create Jeter their spokesperson.

Moving forward, with Jeter’s 2012 success although early, I acquired to thinking.

Which side Jeter, who presently has 3,118 hits, finish on the All-Time hits list?

Earlier conversations, which talked about this almost 38-year-old shortstop in decreasing terms, had Jeter landing within the 3,400/3,500 hit range.

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