As though the Chicago Bulls had enough to bother with with Derrick Rose out for the whole postseason.

Things got a whole lot worse within the Windy City.

Towards the delight from the Philadelphia fans attending for Game 3 from the Bulls-76ers series, Chicago center Joakim Noah's ankle switched in ways that does not even I-breaking my ankle two times while playing basketball-have seen.

It's rare to witness a cringe-like moment as you're watching a the game of basketball, but which was one of these. Say what you should about Noah and the attitude sometimes, but nobody warrants to possess which happen for them.

People always appear to criticize Noah for his periodic attempts at running the short break in a near seven-ft tall, always stating that if something wrong happens, occurrences like tonight might happen.

Now, not just would be the No. 1-seeded Bulls lower 2-1 for an sports, gifted Philadelphia team, however they may have now formally lost a couple of their three best gamers to have an extended time period. Plus, it does not help once the Sixers get their number after winning in Chicago in Game 2.

If the series comes lower to some fight of attrition and also the Bulls are just lower to John Scalabrine-you are able to toss in a Scalabrine joke, if you want-then, while it might not be fair, it might be the 2nd year consecutively that the No. 1 seed will get removed with a No. 8 seed within the first round.

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