On Tuesday, the The city of jacksonville Jaguars team of volunteer training camping formally started,Morris - Johnson Came (Maurice Johnson-, Came), the very best gamers within the team because of contractproblems and didn't appear.Johnson Came this season’s wages are only $ 4.45 million, considerably less than - Chris Manley, El-Erian - Promote and Ma Xiaoen - Lynch’s salary.

Johnson Came is among the two gamers under contract but didn't attend training camping,defensive tackle Terrence - Knighton happens because eye surgical treatment is recouping in your own home.Kicker Josh - Scott didn't attend training camping, but he's not within the team signed to hislabel contract, he wishes to sign a lengthy-term contract extension and also the team. Look JonesDrew.

Jaguar team last season, the offensive may be the worst within the league, but Johnson Drew1606 yards hurrying the ball within the league, he's even the third consecutive season was named towards the All-Star team. In '09, he and also the team signed a five-year $ 31 millioncontract, including $ 17.5 million is guaranteed, he left on his agreement for 24 months now.

Johnson Came is going to enter his first seven National football league season, were built with a total of 6854 yards ofred balls and 2473 yards catch, 74 touchdowns. Last season, competitors understood he was the very first offensive points from the Jaguar team, but he continues to have work-high 343-ballattack, the typical amount of each ball evolving 4.7 yards.

After this type of great season, Johnson Came hopes to obtain a new contract or reasonable. Inaddition, he thinks their earnings in comparison towards the Alliance additionally, some of the toprunning back is simply too little. Johnson’s annual wages are $ 13.5 million, Eight Dollars.7 million for Promote,Lynch, Seven,750,000. St. Louis Rams Steven - Manley,, Tak Angelo, Carolina Panthers -Williams and Minnesota Vikings Adrian - Billings 比琼斯德鲁 high earnings.

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