Running backs accustomed to attract lots of positive scouting attention within the National football league draft. These were the coveted glamour men.

Now teams make use of a committee of tailbacks to complete the job, therefore the runners aren't very popular within the first round, when teams concentrate on hurry finishes, quarterbacks and offensive left takes up.

Alabama's Trent Richardson, however, may be the exception this season. He might easily see themself go up to No. 4, towards the Brown Colours, in Thursday's first round.

Richardson "may be the best player within the draft," stated former Indiana gm Bill Polian, now a draft analyst. "He's very couple of defects. And even while nit-picky once we reach this time around of the season, there's hardly any to dislike about him as well as very couple of nits to choose.Inch

There've only been seven running backs selected within the top ten previously 10 drafts.

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