Now we are taking both a glance back in the 2012 National football league draft Along with a expect for every team within the NFC North. Today is Packer Day?aalthough Eco-friendly Bay fans insist that each DAY is Packer Day.

What else could you say? These men put on cheese on their own mind.

*wears his plane-formed Jets hat*

The Packers' draft really performed out nearly the way they wanted it. The headline states rid of it: very easy. This isn't to imply Ted Thompson is Darth Vader (especially since next line he still skipped taking Luke, lost another Dying Star and died).

It is simply that after it involves the National football league draft, Thompson rarely constitutes a wrong move.

We understood moving in how this could likely go, and typically, it did, though there is more buying and selling than usual.

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